Royal Pilot of the First Order
David knapp s2
David knapp david knapp term2 3dfundamentals2 006
David knapp david knapp term2 3dfundamentals2 005
David knapp costumerender1
David knapp finalrenders2

This was my initial direction before starting the sculpt. The design evolved throughout the process.

David knapp helmetortho

These initial orthos served as a base for starting the sculpt.

David knapp vvariations print

after a short time sculpting in clay, I started to work out the design via paint-overs.

David knapp 3 4 1
David knapp r3 4 1
David knapp rear
David knapp top
David knapp 3 4 3
Royal Pilot of the First Order

After almost a year I finally got around to uploading this to Artstation! Here is my Character "Royal Pilot of the First Order". I had the opportunity to design and create a 1:1 scale Helmet using automotive clay for my 3D fundamentals 2 class at ArtCenter College of Design. Being a big fan of the original Royal Guard helmet from Return of the Jedi, I decided to create a modernized and more functional pilot version, that would serve and protect the First Order in the sequel trilogy. This was a lot of fun to make, It was great to see the design evolve with insight from Alex Cunningham and Liam Macdonald.